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What's the Pros?

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I am happily obliging! Extenze Ingredients All the ingredients are natural and do not require a prescription. This is a list of the ingredients:. I didn't notice any side effects. Everyone is different tho. Make sure you consult your doctor first if you have any medical conditions! Dosage and Price You can check the price for a 6 month supply at their website, just click here.

Use it for 8 weeks to get the full effects! Follow the instructions on the package for optimal results. Where to buy Extenze? They ship Extenze internationally. You have to order from their website here. International orders for Extenze, including those to Australia and the United Kingdom are shipped via UPS 3 Day Express, so your package is guaranteed to be delivered in 3 business days. In my opinion, these are the pros:.

Now, to do a Kegel exercise, clench the muscle, hold it for five seconds, then release. Repeat these in sets of ten until you are tired.

Slowly, over time, increase the number of reps, and should ideally be repeated three times a day. You won't see any results quickly, at least not for three to four weeks. How this works is during sex, once you feel yourself building towards orgasm in the same way you learned with the start and stop technique, clench this muscle. This can be done in conjunction with the start and stop. An herbal supplement is also a great help, as long as it comes from a reputable company.

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What's the Cons?