How to increase penile size naturally with exercises

Larger penis and much firmer erections will usually lead to a more satisfying sex life and higher self-confidence. I use one called Man1 Man Oil.. As a woman, I find some of these enlargement exercises to be crazy! It often signals that you are not resting enough or that you are not warming up for long enough. Not so sure about the weight method, sounds very dangerous. However, all gains are very individual!

How Do You Exercise Your Penis?


So not surprisingly, an exercise routine that claimed to positively affect penis size was of particular interest to him. Notably, the study claimed an overall success rate of As for the other 28 men, they all made substantial gains ranging from 0. Involving 50 men, this study tested one of the current leading penis enlargement exercise guides — Penis Health reviewed below.

The only downsides to attempting to enlarge your penis through exercise are that they must be done regularly 4 — 5 times a week and you must follow a well structured routine. Exercising your penis is just like any other form of physical exercise: Each exercise session will require your undivided attention to be effective.

Some penile exercises — such as the Jelq — require a continual, uninterrupted action that can last minutes or more as you progress. It can be done — I did it — but it was laborious. And for every man who succeeds, many more fail. I say this not to be pessimistic, but so that you start down the path of penile exercise with your eyes wide open. That goes a long way to explaining the far higher success rates reported by those who primarily rely on the non-surgical alternative of penile traction.

Of course, attempting to enlarge your penis through exercise involves exerting significant physical stress on the penile tissues. It is the stress and strain of that physical stimulus that provides the stimulus for growth. There is therefore, an inherent, but minimal risk attached to the use of penile exercise, just as there is with any other form of exercise.

But like any type of physical exercise, if you do too much , too often or too intensely for what your body can handle, you run the risk of injuring yourself. Just as running a marathon will do more harm than good if you can barely jog around the park, the same is true of penile exercise. Done correctly and I only ever recommend guides that show you how to do it correctly it would be next to impossible to do any form of damage to your penis.

Like I mentioned above, working out your penis is a gradual process that takes at least 3 months to produce permanent gains. When they occur, they certainly help to keep you motivated.

That unfortunately is the nature of penile exercise — stalls in penile growth are an inevitable and often frustrating part of the process. Those who succeed are the ones who work through the plateaus, learn from them, and adapt their workouts accordingly, no matter how long it takes to break through.

But if you remain motivated and committed, and you intelligently follow a well-structured workout routine, then the results of the clinical trials mentioned above speak for themselves. You can expect to gain between 1 — 2 inches in erect penis length and 0. It took me a couple of weeks before I noticed any positive changes; but one of the first obvious improvements I did see was in the quality of my erections.

As the blood flow improved to my penis, my erections became increasingly firmer — which of course made them look a little bigger too. If you stick with a good program for a couple of months, you should be able to gain at least half an inch in erect penis length and about the same in girth — those are the average growth ranges.

Of course, everyone has their own unique physiological makeup — some respond faster, some slightly slower, but these are realistic averages.

Achieving your maximum increase in penile length and girth takes an additional 2 — 4 months — again, depending on your physiological make up. In total, over the entire 4 — 6 month period you can expect to achieve permanent increases in line with the clinical research mentioned above:.

Approximately 1 — 2 inches in erect penis length and 0. That, I would say is on the upper limits of what you can achieve through penile exercise; and to be honest, took a lot of work. Physical stress provides the stimulus for growth, but without a well balanced diet your body will find it difficult to grow — no matter how committed you are to your workouts.

In that sense at least, working out your penis is like exercising to increase muscle mass. Your gains are entirely dependant on providing your body with a consistent supply of nutrients for optimum repair and growth. Unfortunately, by the time most of us start to actively attempt to improve our penile size, puberty is long gone; so we no longer have that heady mix of adolescent growth hormones surging around our bodies to compensate for a poor diet.

The simplest way to put the above formula into practice is to try to make sure you eat a small amount of protein 20 — 30 grams every 2 — 3 hours. That regular intake of protein helps to maintain a positive nitrogen balance in your body, which is a prerequisite of tissue growth.

To accelerate penile growth further , consider using if you can afford it a high quality male enhancement supplement. A lot of men notice pretty rapid gains when they combine them with exercise because of two direct effects they have on the penis:.

Firstly, they contain ingredients called vasodilators, which expand the arteries feeding the penis with blood , therefore increasing penile blood flow. They just provide the same old, out dated beginner exercises that you can easily find for free. Exercises that will give you minimal, if any, growth.

My guide offers either a perfect, concise introduction to penile exercise, or can be used as a compliment to a high potency supplement or a medical grade extender. Combined with either option, the addition of these simple exercises can give your gains a phenomenal boost. I recommend the first — Penis Health — because it personally worked for me; and because its clear, user-friendly presentation and flexible approach make it ideal for beginners.

Penis Health — I tend to recommend this site for one very simple reason — I know it works from personal experience. As a beginner looking for good quality, professionally presented information about penile exercise techniques, this was the only guide that lived up to its promises. I was able to jump straight in. The girth measurement is a bit of an approximation because I was far more focused on improvements in length.

Being overwhelmed with sprawling information is a common problem with penile exercise programs. But the methodical structure of Penis Health prevents that common, and very self-defeating information overload. For example, both the exercises and workout routines are perfectly tailored at each stage to the requirements of beginner, intermediate and advanced users. This form of methodical beginner to advanced structure is essential with penile exercise, because the penis is so sensitive to both under and overtraining.

Taking it to the next level, exercises are even arranged into component sections — those targeting length, those targeting girth and those improving overall erection quality; and are again, broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced sections. This is just an exceptionally well researched and developed program — absolutely perfect for those who just want to get straight down to learning, implementing and benefiting from penile exercise as quickly as possible.

To learn more, visit the official Penis Health website. The most striking thing about the course is that it tells you exactly… and I mean exactly, what to do day-by-day until you finish the day program.

Before you try any of these techniques, remember to massage your member with a nutritious lube to achieve optimal results. While doing penis enlargement exercises above will provide you with nice results, you can improve your success rate by improving the blood flow into your penis.

The more blood that goes to your penis, the better and faster your recovery and growth as there are more building blocks delivered to the targeted area. Size after 3 years of P. I did this by jelqing, pumping, clamping, extending and hanging.

The length was a lot more difficult. PE is really the only sure fire way of getting gains, it just takes a long time. It takes a long time to see results and you must be persistent. This expands out the girth more than it would during any normal erection. I quit several times during the first two years I tried and never made any gains beyond achieving more rock solid hard-ons.

Finally two years ago I stuck to the routine long-term and it did gradually work. You have to be extremely patient. So if I quit now it might gradually go back to the size it was three or four months ago, but I would never back to 4. It seems that way because I get more solid hardons and more erections at night, which seem to be good indicators of penile health. Guys, do you want to improve the overall health of your penis and the quality of your erections as well?

Then change your diet as you need to promote the blood flow into your penis and clean your clogged blood vessels. According to the great website Layyous. There are several herbs out there that can significantly improve the blood flow into your penis.

This way, your recovery period after doing exercises will become much shorter and your results much better. Most male enhancement pills have their formulas based on extracts from these plants and herbs. To gain actual size, you need to exercise.

This is true for both the flaccid, as well as erect size. The pubic hair acts similarly as the belly fat. It hides part of the shaft of your penis.

Therefore, I highly suggest to at least trim it down if not completely shaving it. Once gone, your penis will not only become more hygienic and attractive, it will look even a little bit larger. No pubic hair is something all women appreciate when giving you head so your chances of getting a blowjob will become higher.

Not only that, it will boost your stamina and endurance that will improve your sexual performance. I bet you know about morning wood, but did you know that man can have an erection during his sleep, that can last three to five hours? These night-time boners bring blood into your shaft to recharge and repair your penis — maintaining its proper health.

Are you a smoker? According to several studies , smoking is highly associated with erectile dysfunction. The chemicals that are widely present in cigarettes can hurt the lining of blood vessels in your penis and inhibit their vasodilation. Having a laptop on your lap is something you need to stop doing right now as there are some indications that a wireless connected notebook on your lap can significantly affect the quality of your sperm.

The more you expose your sperm to the electronic radiation, the higher is the chance of temporary infertility. I bet that you have already heard that stress is bad for your overall health. However, it has an almost catastrophic effect on your penis. I have tried my best to create the most comprehensive guide on the topic of penis enlargement exercises. However, if you still have any question on your mind, then browse through my FAQ section below.

Because over time, this section grew significantly in its size, I have decided to create an overview with quick access. This is a very personal question that only you can answer.

If you are happy with your size and your sexual partner seems satisfied during lovemaking, then I believe there is nothing you should change. However, if you or your partner are not satisfied with the size of your penis, then feel free to try these exercises. Here is my detailed guide to measuring your real penis size.

So as long as you are near these average numbers, there should be nothing to be worried about. Jump back to the overview of FAQs. Guys, I have an excellent news for you. Your gains both in girth and length from these exercises are permanent. During your exercises, you increase the internal pressure in the shaft of your penis.

They always try to adapt to new conditions. This way, your shaft will become larger and able to hold more blood leading to larger and firmer erections. Once you reach your desired size phase one , you need to continue with the second phase during which you will make your gains permanent also known as cementing your gains. Also, you can not overdo your workout session. Sadly, you can injure yourself easily while working out especially if you do not follow the general safety recommendations.

Your injuries may be quite serious:. My advice to avoid injuring yourself is to always start slowly, do a warm-up before and a cool-down after your session, and intensify your exercise routine gradually. Also, you need to pay attention to the physiological signs of working out too hard, such as weak morning erections, soreness, or even red spots — all signs you should take more time for recovery.

If you have any health concerns, worries or further questions, do not hesitate to speak with a medical professional before you try any new workouts.

Sure, there are many guys who claim that they have injured themselves on various forums dedicated to penis enlargement. However, the chance of injury is minimal if you follow instructions and the signs your body is telling you.

Here are the types of injuries you may experience:. Most guys experience one-inch growth in length and over a half-inch increase in girth pretty easily. Although even these numbers are excellent, you can get as big as you want. You can find a lot of guys on forums dedicated to penis enlargement who gained much more than the numbers I have stated above.

Usually, it takes years of dedication to experience incredible size gains. You do not have to wait so long to experience improvement in the quality of your erections. To perform penis enlargement exercises you will need only your two hands, hot water, and a towel. You can experience solid gains just with the item above. However, to make your workout session more complex and more effective, then you could get your hands on some devices that will allow you for easier and more comfortable working out.

You can achieve good results even without these devices as long as you do exercises that are explained in this article regularly. However, it will take you more time and effort. Sadly, there is no magic pill that will make your penis grow permanently on its own.

If you have problems with erection and poor blood flow into your penis, then you may feel like your penis has grown after taking penis enlargement pills. In reality, you have only reached your maximum penis size thanks to more blood coming to your penis thanks to improved blood flow.

I highly recommend it as a nutritional support while doing penis exercises for faster and even better results. Top 12 Male Enhancement Pills on the Market.

Top 7 Penis Extenders on The Market. Hi James, just stumbled on your website after searching for information on exercises to enlarge your cock. The article is well written, and provides some useful advice for those men who may be seeking a little extra size down below. The cock, with all its delicate nerves and blood vessels, can be damaged easily if care is not taken. What is more, the enlargement advice is all too readily available across the net. Young men find this advice, and then start yanking their crank the wrong way, desperate to add these fabled easy inches that websites talk about.

They often end up causing thrombosis or partial impotence and then its a trip to the doctors office and then the urologists. In my humble opinion, this type of advice should be left to the professionals, as a working cock is more important than a large broken one. I like the info and definitely will pass it onto my lover. You make a really good and honest point here Richard.

Unfortunately, the latter data is not really existent from what I have seen around the net and in scientific journals. I think it would be beneficial for people with real concerns about their penis size to consult a professional like a family doctor for advice.

Maybe they have more experience with treating these sorts of conditions. Guys, I totally agree with you. Therefore, I have explicitly stated that this is just a brief overview of available techniques and that if anyone want to try these, he should look for consultation with some special guide or medical professional. I bet just giving yourself a good warm-up stretch before the big game is important… you have to do it with any other exercise. Why not this one??? There might be many methods for gaining inches.

What is more, there are many pills in the market of various brands. There are also creams which are to be applied directly on your little buddy for better results as well. Nick thank you for your contribution. However, I doubt the effectiveness of pills and creams. But yes, there is a wide variety for you to choose from on the current market. I disagree with Richard, I dont think it is that easy to injure your penis as long as you are careful and remember if its hurting it is probably a good idea to stop.

Ok but I am satisfied without any exercise. That is the most important thing! If you and your wife are happy with your size no matter how big or small you are then there is no point in making it grow.

That is golden rule you need to follow at everything you do. If it hurts, then you are making something bad and hence should stop. Maybe you could elaborate more on your gains. That would be great for each and every one of us. Is there a limit as such to how much you can grow yourself or if you do it over years will your penis keep getting bigger? And if I stop will it shrink back to the original measurements? As far as I am concerned, these gains should be permanent.

As long as you will work out regularly, you should see the gains. However, as you will grow bigger, your progress will slow down a little bit. When you mention weights are there any in particular or do you just find say a household item like a tin of beans or something, and which part of your phallus do you attach them to and for how long? To be honest, I have absolutely no idea. However your comment made me think that I need to deal more with this issue.

I will try to upload new info on this as soon as possible. I bet such an addiction would be much more healthier than smoking: However, these are just a small collection of the most general workouts.

There are many more techniques out there. This may sound like a silly question but if you keep stretching your dick will it loose girth as it gets longer? These 8 are on my checklist every night. You have to put some effort into becoming great in the sack. Hey Joe, nope your girth with increased length should not be reduced. On the contrary, it should increase as well. Hey, no question is too silly man. The penis is sometimes a complicating thing to understand. And increasing the size of your penis is easier said than done.

You will grow in size. Just keep in mind the safety and continue and your phallus should grow. There are even some specific workouts just for gaining girth if you are afraid you are going to end longer but losing girth. Just stay persistent and do these on regular basis in order to see the best results as soon as possible. Is there any workout program like in weight lifting or can you do these everyday? Hey Kieren, Yes there are programs and guides that will provide you with regular regimen.

I have written reviews for both of these and I bet you will find these interesting. Im quite large already but i kind of have an obsession with being bigger, i dont think i would ever be happy with my little buddy in all honesty.

Well, the only advice I can give you is self-control. Try to relax a little bit when you get a boner in order to return to semi erect state. First off, I appreciate this free advice dude!

But the Stretching It Out exercise did add a little something after 3 weeks. It seems like such common knowledge, but I never thought to make it a part of my daily routine. I am not really all that small, and am over the average length, but I was looking into doing these techniques mainly to strengthen myself for better pleasure.

To be honest, I knew about the Kegels, but never realized that there were so many different ones that you could be doing in order to help yourself out. I do think that a lot of these are very generalized and may not work for everyone, and some may feel better than others, but if you are looking to experiment a little bit then I would definitely recommend trying some that are listed by James.

I think kegel is the way to go. With these, you at least build your muscle in the penile region. It truly does make a difference when you can last much longer when your muscle can take it. The opposite directions method sounds really displeasing to me. There are too many out there and trying to find the right one without spending countless dollars on different ideas or products sucks!

Digg in this post great ideas and a great place to start. There is a bunch of stuff here I never thought of! Crazy to admit but much needed advice here!! You even included some details!! I tried jelqing once, and I did not like it one bit. Now pumping my PC muscle, this is great I think. I might look into the other techniques too, but this seems to be safest. Oh no way am I doing the weight method. I actually prefer jelqing to others. It may sound unsafe to some, but it actually seems to work for me.

Hmm, I have not tried any of these methods and I am quite interested in trying them now. Not so sure about the weight method, sounds very dangerous. As for this article in particular, I have no done much of anything to my manhood, to increase its size that is.

I am interested in what seems to be the safest, which is obviously the kegel exercises, and hey, some of those exercises out there might help you lose weight, what more can you ask for?

The best method out of those I think, was doing kegels. Could you please share with us your measurements you have managed to gain with these natural workouts? Congrats on gaining some size.

How big in size did you gain? Well it is a long term process but after some period of time you should be able to feel the difference. Hey, this is a tricky question. It highly depends on individual physique and regularity of your exercises and the types of workouts you will do. Therefore I can not tell you any precise time.

But the initial gains are more significant. The backwards method, while a bit more risky than some, has worked the best so far to give me stable and solid results. I have definitely seen noticeable gains after doing this for a couple of weeks. I have not tried the majority of the PE techniques here, is there one that you feel will work well for improving girth? I have heard good things about Kegal exercises for women but never knew there was such a method for men too — I will give that one a try next I think.

I think is very good to do this workout. Just try people do not stop once you start doing these. For me these are working really good i am doing my best everyday in my bed and i can see in girlfriend eyes that she look very happy with me.

Ok guys, only the best for all! My lady is completely satisfied. Thank you B for leaving a reply here. I am really glad that these work for you and that your lady is pleased with the results!

As a woman, I find some of these enlargement exercises to be crazy! I mean, weight lifting with your cock? That just sounds uncomfortable. Glad you put the little warning out there that it could potentially lead to serious injuries. For some reason I prefer not using any weird contraptions like penis pumps. It just seemed to be the safest to me and I prefer safer. I am interested in trying some of these, but the weight method sounds seriously dangerous and crazy.

What size weight would I have to use? Where would you even find weights like that anyways? Kegel exercises work very well, the rest are just scary. I like simplistic, and anything that can possible hurt me is something I will not try. If you want to give it a shot though, I say go for it. Huh, I never knew you could increase your size by doing penis workouts.

I might have to give that a shot. Some of the workout methods are kind of weird, like adding weights. Just seems unsafe, but if it works for you, more power to you man.

All have given me some results, maybe in combining all of these methods it has helped me increase size. I recommend you guys out there to give it a shot. Hey Earl,thank you for providing us with your feedback. To be honest, gaining inches requires a complex approach that should combine many techniques.

Therefore it is best for you to obtain some guide or program to follow. Hi, This is an apology, because when the messages asking for a like or a follow pop up, I honestly really do want acknowledge this website, but I simply cannot due to the nature of the website itself.

Thanks you for the amazing information and for putting up this extremely useful site, Anon. Let me thank you for such kind words. I really appreciate it and I hope you are enjoying reading through my posts. By the way, you can subscribe to this website and receive email every time I publish new article here.

Dude, i have to say,, i have tried some of those exercises. Im starting to think that most of those guys just making new:: PRoGRam just for a quick buck.. Well the outcomes are really individual. Some see fast result, some see small results and some none very few cases though if you exercise regularly and do these workouts properly.

Penis enlargement is a very scientific thing and if you really want to make gains in the range of inches, you certainly must follow a highly advanced penis enlargement program. There is no way you can achieve this with some basic exercises. You need to know exactly what you are doing and exercise technique is everything. I normally worry too much about trying the stretching exercises, mainly because it scares me to do that.

I might give it a try and see if it helps me or not, but I am not going to do it for too long. Some of these techniques sound overly dangerous, the weight exercise is something I will pass on completely. I can do kegel and maybe the weights methods. All of the above? Hi , Sorry for this stupid but simple and important question.. Just curious, should I do all of these 8 line items? Or I can just choose one? And that could probably help, hopefully? And by the way, how many days would it probably that I would get a result?

Sory dude but this is really individual. Some see it in few days, some only after few weeks. Depends on your lifestyle and regularity of your working out. Btw dude to this exercise no age limit? Well there is no age limit for these exercises but I would say to start with these after your puberty.

Omg it works for me dude i hav result for only 4days my penis before is 2inch only not erect and now 2. Oh Gawddd guys try it. Whilst I am not too convinced that the weight method is the best course of action, I do believe that some of these are definitely worth trying. I have been suffering with an average sized penis for too long, and I think that I could benefit from some of the exercises mentioned.

Some awesome advice here dude! I am going to start trying the Kegel method, as I heard that it can also make you last longer in bed, and prevent yourself from cumming too quickly when necessary.

Also, it seems to be one of the safest methods around too, so why not? I have tried so many products in the past that have promised results in the past, but simply not been effective in any way… I hope that these natural exercises will do some good, as I am tired of my penis size and want change.

I have been tempted in the past to opt in for various types of surgery in order to increase the size of my penis, however the details of these procedures often make me run out of the operation theatre. I am far more comfortable with the idea of doing natural exercises to increase my length, and the safer they are, the better in my opinion!

In all my time researching how to improve penile length, I do not think that I have ever come across the circular motion exercise that you mentioned. I will be sure to give this one a go, as I am always up for trying out new methods.

It works I jelq for 1month times in 1 week only and i got result My penis before 2. That is amazing to read. I am glad you have managed to increase your size gradually. I bet that you will reach your goal sooner or later.

Keep doing these regularly. For 2Months coz busy working and now i start again. That is really amazing to read dude! I hope you will continue with jelqing until you reach your desired size! Kegel and Jelqing sound like the best of the bunch to be honest. But yeah, I will look into some of these other methods as well.

I am really interested in just trying anything available to me. I am interested in trying the kegel exercise as it sounds very simple, but the rotation and even the weight lifting option if all else fails me. Thanks for sharing all these techniques James. I appreciate any help I can get these days. I will be honest when I say that I actually used some of these methods in the past.

The big one was the weight lifting method and I will say, it did work. But I started feeling pain when I got erections, so I stopped. Dude, weight lifting is one of the most dangerous ways to enlarge your phallus. I hope you always stop if you feel any pain. But I am really interested in giving anything a shot right now. But I am interested in giving some of these other methods a shot.

There are so many interesting workouts to increase the size of the penis. I had no idea you could actually increase the size of the penis after you got to a certain age. This makes me quite happy indeed.

Sure you can, but it requires dedication and persistence. If you are interested more in this issue, then go through many of my articles that will provide you with great advice. Wow, I had no idea there was this many techniques to gain length in my penis. I am looking for anything out there that can help me, as my size can use an upgrade for sure. Thanks for the info!

You are welcome Jerry. I bet you will be more than happy with your results in you will be persistent. Hey james, want to say thanks for sharing all of this. I have tried all of these exercises and the best ones are kegel exercises and the stretching technique.

I am so happy for you dude and I am really thankful for your kind words.

Do Penis Exercises Really Work?