How Male Puberty Works

Testicular function may be assessed by measuring serum testosterone levels before and after hCG stimulation. I can run five miles easily when before just 3 would leave me exhausted. Penile length in the flaccid and erect states: Accurate measurement of the penile length, palpation of the corporeal bodies, and evaluation for cryptorchidism are several important aspects of the physical examination. Well, we get bigger of course.


Natural HGH Releasers

Although puberty can be humiliating, its actual purpose is to enable sexual reproduction. The process taking place inside a pubescent boy's body to bring about reproductive ability is quite complex. We'll learn the basics of it in this section. At around age 9 or so, a boy's central nervous system sends out a message: Because this hormone is present in the hypothalamus before puberty, it's believed that a protein named GPR54 helps get the GnRH out of the hypothalamus at the right time.

When the GnRH reaches the pituitary gland -- a pea-sized gland located at the base of your brain -- the pituitary gland in turn produces two important hormones: These two hormones also exist before puberty, but once the pituitary is triggered by the hypothalamus, these hormones are created in much greater quantities. Early on in puberty, these hormones which, along with hormones that trigger development of the testes, are known as gonadotropins are produced only at night.

In later stages of puberty, when growth is going gangbusters, these hormones are being produced around the clock and in greater and greater quantities. FSH, when it reaches the testes, spurs the growth of seminiferous tubules, which are the channels in the testes in which sperm is produced.

Once these tubules are formed and the infrastructure is in place, the body begins producing sperm. LH, on the other hand, has a different function. It prompts cells within the testes called Leydig cells to produce androgens. Androgens are hormones that affect the development of a male's reproductive ability. Add Thread to del. As many have said before the backbone of enlargening your dick is exercise, though what's the reasons these exercises work?

The answer is DHT and human growth hormone, and I'll tell you why. Throughout our bodies in our blood, circulates testosterone which is the precursor to its more potent form "Dihydrotestosterone" or DHT and "human growth hormone" HGH , which as we all know is very high in our younger years but levels decrease as we age while DHT levels stay pretty consistent as we age.

How this works is when we push substantial amounts chemical rich blood into our penis with a jelq, the DHT in our blood comes in contact with the DHT receptors in our penis. Once these DHT receptors have been soaked in DHT rich blood by the end of your routine, basically they respond by forming more bio mass, aka more dick.

Once DHT has come in contact with the receptors throughout your routine, the use of human growth hormone is needed by the body to actually construct the new fibers and penile mass that we're after, resulting in increased size. During puberty our DHT levels are naturally very high, along with human growth hormone which over the course of some years caused our penis to grow inches without even exercising.

I don't know about you, but I didn't necessarily have the most pleasant experience going through puberty with such high levels, especially of dht. It gave me bad acne and super oily skin and lots of aggression and uneasiness to expel. But due to you exercising your dick and pushing blood up into it, you can get substantial growth without having to go through puberty all over again.

You can supplement amino acids such as L-Tyrosine to boost dht without exercising, but my experience with this has been good for about two weeks before I was just causing chemical imbalances in my body that a bigger dick is not even worth going through.

This was even when I was on a steady moderate dose of mg's. I'm only 19 too so I probably didn't even need more L-Tyrosine to begin with, but the needs of someone in their 30s or 50s might be different.

Anyway, it wasn't too good for my well being so if it works for you than feel free but if not thats okay, theres other ways. There are also guys who've had success with applying DHT creams to their penis' and getting growth but supplementing DHT from an external source would have the same side affect of throwing off your hormone levels and likely seriously making you feel like shit.

If you can't sprint its all good, just explosive exercise in general will give you a boost in both DHT and HGH, resulting in your penis constantly having fuel for its growth. YES, dht is what makes men go bald, and yes boosting dht can make you lose your hair faster if your at that time in your life or genetically prone. DHT clogs hair follicles stopping hair growth and causes baldness. This is a great shampoo for bodybuilders and athletes with crazy high levels of DHT who want to keep a full head of hair.

This shampoo works too, I'm about halfway through a bottle and have noticed a BIG difference in the thickness and rate at which my hair has been growing. Also if your going bald make sure you take your vitamins because that is just a good thing for you to do, for your scalp and whole body, including your dick. Let me know of your successes: No more of that.

If you are here to improve yourself, Great. Last edited by Dangler; at Share Share this post on Digg Del. These types of things have been discussed on the Chemical PE forum in depth.

Want a FREE month of coaching for your training? PM or email me for details! Key words there are "at puberty". It did sweet FA for reducing the size of my dick permanently. It did give me gradual impotence though and piddly cum shots. Be careful if you do ever take that stuff. Solely JP90 September - 7.

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The cause of penile growth during puberty