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There was a memorial service held on the Paramount Lot on November 18th. Tue Jun 13, 1: Thanks for posting celebrityfan River was a fantastic actor and will continue to be sorely missed RIP Ian. Sat Jun 17, 9: He passed away this year, it is a terrible loss for all the wrestling world He was only 38 years old He passed away last week He was fighting with cancer, and lost His nickname was Earthquake, he was 42 years old Sun Jun 18, 3: Yates, who directed "American Bandstand" for 17 years, from a fledgling local TV show to a national institution that made Dick Clark a star, has died at age The show, featuring local teens dancing to the latest hits, debuted with Bob Horn as announcer and took off after Dick Clark, already a radio veteran at age 26, took over in It was broadcast live in its early years, even after it became part of the ABC network's weekday afternoon lineup in as "American Bandstand.

He managed to grab every exciting moment on 'American Bandstand,'" Clark told The Philadelphia Inquirer in a telephone interview Monday. Fans jammed the sidewalks outside the West Philadelphia studio to win a spot in the bleachers. Once inside, they hoped to catch the eye of a regular and get to dance on the show. In , Clark moved the show to Los Angeles, taking Yates with him.

Yates retired from "American Bandstand" in , and moved his family to West Chester in the Philadelphia suburbs. Yates became a still photographer after graduating from high school in He was later promoted to cameraman and earned a bachelor's degree in communications in from the University of Pennsylvania.

Thu Jun 22, 3: Born in Detroit, Stahl did magic tricks as a boy and moved to California as a performer at age 15, Ish said. Ish and Stahl were both off Broadway theater actors when they met in They married later that year.

In the s, the pair moved to San Francisco and joined improv comedy group The Committee, Ish said. They settled in Santa Barbara in Stahl is survived by Ish, their daughter Allegra and son Oliver. Thu Jun 22, 4: Ronnie Barker Ronnie on left, Richard Beckinsale on right. It was a while back now, but the great man deserves a mention: One of the most loved and respected comedy performers of his generation, he was best known as one half of a double act with Ronnie Corbett.

But he also proved himself as an outstanding sitcom actor and script writer, winning four Bafta TV awards. Corbett led the tributes saying: I will miss him terribly. The world of entertainment has lost a huge talent. John Cleese, who began his career with Barker on The Frost Report, said he was a "warm, friendly and encouraging presence" and "a great comic actor to learn from".

Cleese's Monty Python colleague Michael Palin said: I've always admired him. Everything he did had a very evocative ring, of something great. Barker starred in two of the most popular sitcoms in BBC history - Porridge and Open All Hours, creating two classic characters, the laconic inmate Fletcher and the stuttering shopkeeper Arkwright.

At the peak of his career Barker, along with Corbett, entertained 17 million people every Saturday night with The Two Ronnies, which ran for 15 years delivering comic sketches, funny songs and old-fashioned tall tales.

Michael Hurll, producer of The Two Ronnies, said: Sat Jun 24, 2: Sun Jul 02, The scrappy dog known as Eddie on TV's "Frasier" has died.

The canine character Eddie drove Kelsey Grammer's lead character crazy for 10 years on the show. It wasn't all acting on Moose's part, though. He was naturally "extremely mischievous," Halberg said. His contribution to the show's and Grammer's success was publicly noted by the actor when he accepted a Emmy for best actor in a comedy.

Moose, who also played the older dog Skip in the film "My Dog Skip," was retired in recent years. Tue Jul 04, 4: Thanks for your post starreyes Who said this section was only for humans? Seriously, I loved the sitcom Frasier. They are re-running it daily back from ep. With this expanded gel and Helena's complete line of high affinity, high titer antisera, each laboratory can adapt IFE to meet its daily demands.

Protein Fixative and 1 x 0. The high affinity and titer are excellent for detecting and identifying paraproteins. The Protein Fixative provides a complete protein pattern for comprehensive work-up. Color-coded antisera are packaged in applicator vials. The Antisera Kit II provides adequate antisera for routine testing on 30 patient samples.

The antisera are identical to those in Cat. Labs ordering this antisera kit should also order an appropriate number of ImmunoFix gels only. Antisera are color coded and packaged in convenient applicator vials. Protein Fixative and 2 vials each of Antisera to Kappa and Lambda. The antisera kit is ideal for laboratories with a greater demand for kappa and lambda light chain antisera.

These antisera react with both bound and free light chains. It is the same antisera contained in Cat. Packaged in convenient applicator vials. A reaction indicates an IgD or IgE monoclonal gammopathy.

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