Zenerx Review

Male Enhancement pills primarily help with blood flow which, in turn, produce larger and more sustained erections. Catuaba and Muirapuama Antonio Matas is a well-known herbalist who lives in Brazil. I'm 58, take no prescription meds or other OTC's except omega Others felt that marketing claims for the product were slightly overinflated, in terms of what the supplement actually provides. It is my hope that you can then make an informed decision about whether Zenerx can enhance your sexual performance.

What Exactly Does Zenerx Purportedly Do?

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Known as a general health tonic for men, as well as a treatment for many different types of male sexual dysfunction, Zenerx offers a decent standard of care, when it works. While this product may deliver benefits to you, there is also the chance that it will fail to improve the quality of your erections or provide you with any relief from premature ejaculation, loss of libido, or other male sexual issues.

According to the manufacturer, Zenerx Male Enhancement Supplement will provide a range of specific benefits. Marketing claims for this product are many. As you can see, this product is purported to heal sexual dysfunction in males. However, it may not actually measure up to the hype. When compared to VigRX Plus, which gets glowing reviews from almost every man who takes it, Zenerx is definitely subpar.

Men who do enjoy decent benefits while using Zenerx pills report stronger erections while taking the product. However, few men reported improvements in the quality of climaxes or decreases in incidences of premature ejaculations. Overall, some men liked the product, but no one really loved it.

Some men expected more from the product, but were satisfied overall. Others felt that marketing claims for the product were slightly overinflated, in terms of what the supplement actually provides. It works for some, not for others. Take it every day, at the same time, one or two a day.. I am bigger, harder, and last longer.

When I heard that they were going under due to the usual BS on the Yes 1 No 1. I liked How well it works. I didn't like Went out of business due to trolls on the internet. Update a year after going off Zenerx Jan 31, Well, flash forward a year. Turns out one week of usage and had put me in AFIB which is an erratic heartbeat. Went through a procedure where the heart is stopped, then a joule shock is sent to revive it with the hope that the heart goes back to a normal rhythm Anonymous Anonymous Dec 04, i am an Asian man lbs have used this product in the past with no problems it may take a while before you see result like at least a month after that it's great if you are Yes 0 No 0.

Rochester , New York. Yes 2 No 2. Concord , North Carolina. Zenerx - No refund, a real scam. I sent the unused tablets back and it has been over a month. I have a receipt from UPS that they have received my return, no response and no refund.

Yes 1 No 0. I didn't like No refund as promised. Zenerx - Didn't work, caused severe shortness of breath, money back guarantee was bogus Feb 04, I'm 58, take no prescription meds or other OTC's except omega I do vigorous cardio workouts 6x a week for 51 minutes give or take depending on how I feel, that is the base line. Yes 2 No 3. I didn't like Side effects Did not work. Zenerx - Beware side effects of Zenerex Sep 06, I have been taking Zenerex for the last 2 years.

I take it on as-needed basis. It takes about an hour for it to kick in. It has given me super erections. However, i always have coughing spells after i take it and blurred vision as well as heart burn.

Yes 18 No Zenerx - Bad Side Effects Mar 15, I purchased Zenerx for my 50th birthday, ordered more and took it for 6 months according to directions, but I had to quit after 6 months.

It did seem to kick up my sexual desire, which was nice. Anonymous Anonymous Jun 20, I used it for almost a year and have no side effects. Yes 9 No Zenerx will not answer your questions-Check it out Dec 08, I was trying to get some information about Zenerz and kept getting the run a round.

Zenerx Review