Transmogrification Shaman Mail Sets Guide (WoD 6.2)

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WoW Transmog For the Discerning Adventurer

The aim of this guide is two-fold. First, we want to show you the item sets created for Shamans: Second, we want to show you the models of all the items that a Shaman can wear so that you can design your own sets or complete sets found on our site or elsewhere.

This page tackles our first objective item sets. For our second objective item models , please refer to our Transmogrification Shaman Item Models Guide. Below, you will find many sets that are still available in the game and that can be used for Transmogrification.

We first present thumbnails of all the sets so that you can have a visual overview of what is coming. For each set, we then list the items and explain how to obtain them. The guide ends with a More Sets section that redirects to The Visual Roleplay Gear List , which is a great resource where you will find many more sets.

To take the screenshots of the item sets, we used the model viewer from Wowhead. The Visual Roleplay Gear List is a great reference if you want to take your Transmogrification experiences further, as they have many original sets that we do not cover here.

Below, you will find a list of thumbnails for their Mail Armor sets; clicking an image will get you to the corresponding set guide on their website. Welcome to Icy Veins! Originally Posted by Ulqiorra. If you equate playing WoW to having electricity, I feel very, very happy for the rest of the world, as that kind of thinking will, inevitably, lead to the eradication of your seed from the gene pool.

Tictactotem, if you're into names that incorporate class abilities. Originally Posted by GoldenBough. Why not make it a Tauren and name it Shamburger? No funny use of Sham or anything in mine, but my female moocow is named Bulldyke. Well thanks guys, some great names here. Now to begin the lengthy process of determining which one to use, assuming it's not already taken. Xana, The Priest Terin the Dragon. Myrddin , Stormforged , EU-Ravencrest.

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