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This was combined with two posterior vestibular incisions to expose the jaw angle. Topical anaesthesia will be used during a chin augmentation procedure. Erica encouraged me every time we met, and the whole team was very nice, supportive and helpful. The swelling started the next day, however. As part of the discussion about how to improve his chin, his highly angled jaw angle area was pointed out and it was agreed that jaw angle implants would be beneficial as well. The lower face must not overpower the upper face by being too wide or extending beyond the upper zygomatic width.

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The ideal male jawline is seen as strong and chiseled…at least by most men. For many men the use of standard chin and jaw angle implants, through a three-point augmentation approach, can create the desired jawline improvement.

With a three implant approach, however, the sides of the jawline may remain deficient since there may not be a direct connection between the chin and jaw angle implants. There is also the limitations of jawline changes based on the sizes of existing chin and jaw angle implants.

All of the existing potential problems with standard jaw implants can be overcome by the use of a custom-designed jawline implant. By making a single piece wraparound implant, the entire jawline can be augmented in just about any dimensions that one wants and the overlying soft tissues can tolerate.

This 23 year old male wanted to have a more masculine jawline with a stronger chin and jaw angles. By using computer imaging, it could been seen that the look he wanted was more of a total wrap around effect that just augmentation of the chin and jaw angle areas.

By using his 3D CT scan, a wrap around jawline implant design was done creating a more square chin, prominent jaw angle flare and a smooth connection between the front and back part of the jaw. Under general anesthesia, a small 2. Subperiosteal dissection was done over the entire chin and back along the jawline to the angle with special long-handed dissectors. This was combined with two posterior vestibular incisions to expose the jaw angle.

The implant was folded and tunneled into position from the submental incision. The positioning of the jaw angle sections of the implants was checked through the intraoral incisions to ensure good seating over the jaw angles. A single microscrew was used anteriorly but the fit over the jaw angles was so good no screw fixation was felt necessary.

This is his result just 10 days after surgery. His jawline shows improved definition and now has more of a classic strong male jawline that has much more angularity to it without being too big or overdone.

Male jawline enhancement is optimally done by a custom wraparound implant if one wants a total change to the entire jawline that appears connected throughout the implant. It is also the only implant approach that will work if one has more extreme dimensional needs that standard implants can not achieve.

While the cost of a custom jawline implant is more than that of standard implants, the difference is not as great as most would think. The custom aspect of the implant also lowers the risk of revisional surgery as the shape and location of it along the jaw is determined prior to to surgery in the computer designing process. A strong jawline is a well known perceived desirable facial feature. While an obvious aesthetic asset in men, it is even so in women as long as the chin does not protrude too much.

What what makes up a nice and well defined jawline? The jawline comes from the mandible or lower jaw which is anatomically made up of five distinct components that is essentially a paired L-shape curvilinear structure that meets in the middle.

Its anatomic components and their aesthetic corollaries are the symphysis chin , parasymphysis prejowl , body middle of the jawline , ramus angle and the condyle. But there is no off-the-shelf standard implant for the body of the mandible that would connect whatever is done at the opposite ends of the jawline.

Currently, only custom made implants can do body jawline augmentation. The Missing Element in Jawline Enhancement. A well-defined and strong jawline is a desireable male feature.

While modern culture and media have made it seem a recent attractive male trait, it has been so for as far back in history as pictures have been drawn and sculptures have been created. A strong lower facial structure provides not only good aesthetic proportions but implies increased masculinity and facial attractiveness.

Total or complete male jawline enhancement can improve the structural shape of the lower jaw by increased chin and jaw angle projection through the use of implants. Since the mandible has somewhat of a parabolic curved shape, the front and back ends of the curve must be changed to give it greater angularity.

The chin needs a more square form horizontally and the jaw angles need a more square form vertically as well as more outward horizontal flare. There are some general guidelines as to how much chin and jaw angle flare is aesthetically acceptable.

The square width of the chin should stay within a vertical line dropped down from the pupil of each eye. The outward flare of the jaw angles should not go past a vertical line dropped down from the midpoint of the zygomatic arch. The lower vertical edge of the jaw angle should sit above the lowest point of the chin in side view so that the mandibular plane angle is not flat.

While these aesthetic jawline guidelines stay within the proportions of the balanced face, some patients may desire a stronger jawline look. To achieve a very strong or extreme jawline enhancement, implants have to be selected that exceed these aesthetic facial boundaries but also stay proportionate.

A big part of his desired look was a significant change to his jawline. While his chin was not unduly deficient, his jaw angles were significantly narrow, vertically short and ill-defined. Under general anesthesia, his chin was changed by performing an intraoral vertical reduction osteotomy onto which was overlaid a medium silicone square chin implant to provide width and an additional 3mms of horizontal projection.

Jaw angle implants were placed intraorally that added 10mms of vertical lengthening and 11mms of increased width. He also had cheek implants placed to his new jawline did not overwhelm his upper face.

He had the typical jawline implant recovery with a first week of significant swelling and trismus. By six weeks the final shape of the jawline could be seen. One of the key features to a stronger jawline is to increase the vertical length and flare of the jaw angles.

To keep the face proportionate and to stay within its aesthetic boundaries, cheek augmentation may be needed to prevent too heavy of a lower facial look. Barry Eppley Indianapolis, Indiana. Strong Male Jawline Enhancement. A strong jawline is perceived as a sign of masculinity and is a commonly desired feature of some men.

Using implants is the only way to create a well-defined jawline through the triple approach of chin and jaw angle implants. While these implants are available in different materials from various manufacturers, their most important feature is the style and size that they offer. Picking these implant features for any male patient is a lot more art that it is science. When picking implants for any facial area, it is important to take into account their facial shape and the overlying soft tissue thickness.

Thick faces blunt the effects of implants and may simultaneously benefit from some defatting procedures as well. Thinner faces have less overlying soft tissue and the effects of implants can more easily be seen. These facial characteristics are particularly important at the jawline which is essentially a transition point between the face and the neck. Augmenting the front chin and the back part jaw angles of the U-shaped jawline can change its appearance dramatically.

The thin face and jawline has the benefit of being more easily skeletonized by implants. But implant size must be tempered lest their effects become too pronounced or big. The lower face must not overpower the upper face by being too wide or extending beyond the upper zygomatic width. It must also not become too square in appearance and still maintain some element of being thin and somewhat narrow, just with a more defined jawline. This 45 year-old male felt that his entire jawline was weak.

He had a chin implant placed four years ago and, while it provided some benefit, it was still not satisfactory. As part of the discussion about how to improve his chin, his highly angled jaw angle area was pointed out and it was agreed that jaw angle implants would be beneficial as well. A square silicone chin was chosen to replace his existing chin implant. At least 9mms of additional horizontal augmentation was needed with a more square frontal shape.

Silicone jaw angle implants that dropped the angle border down was also chosen but with a width that was not more than 7mms, keeping in line with the rest of the width of his face. The implants would have some overlap across the body of the mandible but with no augmentation effect in this area, which is common.

During surgery, the chin was approached through his existing submental scar. The mersilene mesh implant was heavily ingrown with tissue and was near the dermis of the skin. Removing it was felt to leave too little soft tissue between the skin and any new implant. It was elected to leave it in place and place the new square silicone implant between the underside of the mesh implant and the bone.

The wings of the square chin implant went well beyond that of the mesh implant and had no problem providing a more square shape effect. The jaw angle implants were placed through an intraoral incision behind the molars.

Dissection released muscular attachments off the angle and the inferior border so the jaw angle implants could be placed low enough. They dropped the border 5mms and had 7mms width.

A single screw secured them in place to keep them low and to the back of the angle. The sagging jowls which are the result of aging disappear. How far the implant should run forward along the lower jaw border is determined on an individual basis. The implant used is a body-compatible material that we have specially developed in-house and its shape can be individually adapted to best suit each patient. The treatment is painless and leaves no visible scars. The treatment is performed under general anaesthetic and is painless.

The patient can go home the day after the operation. Surgery is carried out through the oral cavity, leaving no visible scars. After the operation, there will probably be swelling for around 10 days. The tooth position remains unchanged. The result is long-lasting and gives a beautiful definition to the lateral edge of the lower jaw and neck area. For patients with a small, recessed chin, jaw line enhancement is often recommended along with a c hin enhancement.

My story has begun when I was 13 years old, when my facial bone structure was developed incorrectly. My chin and jaw have become longer, narrower with no volume, and without any masculine feature. I thought to myself that gain weight would be the solution. As I grew up, I realized that the core problem is my bone structure and it has nothing to do with fatness. I started to explore and study the issue with the hope to find answers and solutions.

I found a whole new world regarding jaw and chin correction, and facial aesthetic surgery, but in the same time it was clear that the facial bone structure field is much foggier, than breast augmentation surgery, or rhinoplasty, which you can find much more easily. I found a clinic and Dr. I decided to have the surgery there. The result became asymmetry, as the silicone implants moved, the size, shape and the location was not as I wanted, my chin became even longer with the implant, and the total look had no harmony at all.

I was very disappointed. I thought to myself, may be my case is too complicated. I felt that it's a must to correct the result, and remove the implants I had, because deeply inside I knew that my wish can come true. My brain told me to give up. My heart insisted to keep on looking for a surgeon. One day I found on a forum Pro. I had a doubt "ohh another website where I'm about to find a minor facial structure transformation". I clicked on the gallery and I was in shock and amazed by the results.

I could not wait to talk to Dr. Erica on the phone and to share with her my wish and story. I sent her some photos and some model's photo, in order to show her what is my wish. She calmed me down and showed Pro. I got a phone call back later, it's was Dr. Erica — "we can do it! Erica was very nice and gentle from the beginning, with a lot of confident. It's was a wonderful moment. The next step was to book a consultation with Pro. Angela helped me with her professional job to book it.

She was very nice from the first call. I'm on my way to Zurich and I cannot wait to meet Pro. Erica and the whole team. The clinic is well designed, the team is very professional and nice. First, I met Dr.

Erica who welcomed me with open arms. She was very professional and advised me what are the best procedures to achieve my wish. She has a lot of experience and high aesthetic vision. Then, I met Pro. WOW, what I can tell about him. From the very first moment I felt very comfortable with him, with no distance or masks, I felt like I know him for years.

He looked at me, he looked at the model's photo and started to explain me how is it possible to make my wish come true. He noticed immediately alone to every detail. In this moment, I understood that he is synced with me, and that he is a real expert who does not afraid to deal with the real thing — with the facial bone structure. He feels at home in this field.

Sailer has so much patient, which I've never seen before. He listened to every detail, and he really wanted to achieve my wish in the best way. Jelena joined to the consultations with her high aesthetic vision and experience. I could feel that I'm in the right clinic. I booked a second consultation to discuss some more issues. I felt like this is the correct place to have the surgery. I've never had this feeling before. Erica truly said to me "this is an investment for your whole life, it's much better than buying a new car".

I booked the surgery date with the wonderful Angela. Sailer and Jelena a couple of days before the surgery. Every detail was clear with a lot of patient in the pre-surgery consultation. The day of the surgery came, the moment of truth. I was very excited, but not too much nervous, because I'm not afraid from surgical procedures. In addition, I had a good feeling and knew that I put my face in the best facial surgeon's hand and with the best team.

The anesthetic was very nice and funny.

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