HCG injection to increase penis length if low Testosterone

By Smurfy in forum Elite Between the Sheets. Thanks for input everyone. Said it wasn't just harder but it was large without a doubt. Your penis is way bigger all of a sudden. Mean penile length also increased significantly 24 weeks after treatment flaccid length: Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Among the suggested etiologic factors of micropenis, the most common cause of micropenis is failure of the hypothalamus to secrete gonadotropins or hypophysial dysfunction.

HGH and penis size

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I never actually expected this to happen and never planed on telling anyone but she just knew. HGH and penis size Too much information Any adult I'm sure can handle the information and give their opinion or experience. When you grow up you'll find sex is a normal part of life. HGH and penis size haha The way it works is that you stretch the bond that the penis connects to at the bone Also ive heard of a technique called jelqing wich pressed blood into the penis expanding the zones, making it able to fill more blood in when ure about to have sex.

I just dont know how it would have happened in just 6 days. Quote posted by crixus. Ive heard several stories of HGH enlarging penis size.. My husband was on a combo of test and hgh for awhile. It's really about blood flow and allowing the organ to reach its potential and not really "Growth". Enjoy while you can. I have been on hgh the last month and my wife said she thought mine had grown but I didn't believe her. I told her she was crazy. Thanks for input everyone. I'll Update any changes in the weeks to come.

It's very hard to believe anything could grow form 6 days but her persistence had me slightly convinced. One thing you got to wonder is if it is not just increased blood flow which I figure it maybe then I wonder what it's doing to my other organs. I live with no regrets so no worries Also just for fun I'm on mgs sust a week mgs EQ a week 40mgs anavar oral pills a day And about 1.

Thought that was a low dose HGH. My results have been astounding. I'll keep you posted and thanks again. Any other input is very welcome. Oh and one more good piece of info. I always get very bad back ache on testosterone. He declined prescribing it now but seems open to it in the future he's not very familiar with it. I can't say that I've read many promising reviews of HCG but I do like the idea of at least having some function down there, even if it's only a little more than normal.

Also, I've noticed in the morning when natural testicular produced testosterone levels are highest my penis seems more engorged than later in the day. I know HCG is supposed to enlarge the testicles but I wonder if it has any impact on the shaft as well. So I Googled and came upon this which I found interesting. October 18, , And low testosterone is a medical condition. This is for poor dudes who have micro penis! It wont work on someone "normal".

I wonder if these guys had gone through puberty?