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If u want faster results open the pill and pour it in ur mouth. Please consult with your doctor before starting any weightloss program or supplement. I did that once and almost had to go to the hospital. And then went to another city were no one had it. However, this information may be displayed on the actual product label. I highly recommend this product. Night Bullet Pill How do you rate this product?

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The provided information includes product information, overviews, buying guides, and product specifications. All trademarks, registered trademarks and service-marks mentioned on this site are the property of their respective owners. Used it three times now and great results.

And I was ready to go the next day at it again. Got it at my local gas station. I asked the clerk which one was the most popular and which he thought got the job done and out of the at least ten that he had he pick night bullet. My my my…I used Night Bullet only once and I was amazed at the results. I have a very mild case of ED and this did the trick. My erection was harder and lasted a long time…. I highly recommend this product. It really does work. I bought a 2nd pill today.

The 1st one I took was a couple of days ago and I can still feel the effects of it. Works as good as a mg. It lasted me for about 6 hours 36 hours is a joke lol! I got it at my local BP Gas station. Hey guys just check your local gas station that is where I got mine. It made me sweat and vomit and gave me chills worst than having the full blown flu.

Still keeping my fingers crossed that the old product will come back again. Old formula is the best of all others bar none!!

New formula is the absolute worst ever taken!! Anyone have a secret stock pile of the old pills?? Ill take all u got!! J's Male Mojo Dr. Name email will not be published and is not required to submit a comment. This website is only for the purpose of providing information. Please consult with your doctor before starting any weightloss program or supplement.

Click on an icon to Rate Night Bullet. This supplement is now sold at various online retail stores. The makers of Night Bullet claim that this is a power male sexual stimulate that offers better performance than other male sexual enhancement supplements now on the market. The product is advertised to provide some enticing benefits, such as an increase in male firmness and size, and below we will take a closer look at Night Bullet to see how it is meant to assist those men who desire a boost in the bedroom.

At this time, the exact ingredient list for Night Bullet is not posted online. However, this information may be displayed on the actual product label. This is said to ultimately provide men with more sexual pleasure. Night Bullet is not a daily supplement and appears to be designed for ad hoc use.

This supplement is sold in individual blister packs, which are said to provide men with the advertised sexual enhancement benefits for up to 3 days. However, currently the price for a pack of Night Bullet is hard to find, as it is listed as unavailable at a few online stores at this time.

In the end, Night Bullet is advertised to work as a powerful 3 day male sexual stimulant. Again, the company does claim that men who use this product will achieve a number of sexual performance benefits, including powerful erections and enhanced orgasms.

Those men who want to read more about Night Bullet or leave their own feedback can continue on to the comments posted below.

What is Night Bullet?