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In recent news, the center is set to expand offering practice partnership in this technique to other doctors in the industry. Girth was the primary concern. The very least he needs to provide patients with MSDS reports of the materials he's using, the patent may protect the data on specifics to material concentrations is there any IP Lawyers in the forum? Sign Up Log In. Interesting though that your reply never mentioned any apology for having someone wait so long!

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Consultation with Dr. Loria Tomorrow

Loria's decision to expand, we think this will greatly change the face of penile enlargement options here in the United States, for the better. Loria, according to the center, has well over two decades of experience in cosmetic surgery. Highly experienced in a wide number of fields, including hair transplant surgery, laser surgery, cryosurgery, electrosurgery, and a number of other certifications.

Loria is most well known for being a pioneer in Penis Enlargement and Reconstructive Medicine and Surgery. Approaching the field as an art as well as a science, he has been widely praised for the end results he has provided for very satisfied men from across the world, without using invasive and potentially dangerous surgery.

He continues researching and collaboration with the best minds in this area worldwide to stay in tune with new ideas and methods that could help him deliver more value to patients in their dream of having longer and thicker penises. This I could not afford, but after finding out about Dr.

Loria's Penile Enlargement procedure, being very affordable and using non-invasive technique — I made the decision to have it done. After the procedure my expectations were not only met but it was better than I ever expected. For more information on the procedure or partnership with Dr. Loria be sure to visit http: For the original version on PRWeb visit: Membership is Free What are you waiting for?

Free Account Login Click here to access your premium account. July 31, 1: Miami, FL PRWEB July 31, Like nearly every other form of surgery, it shouldn't come as a surprise that penile enlargement techniques have also been advanced, upgraded, made more effective and less intrusive and painful.

Loria's work has been passionate. How did things change from 1 day post op to 4 months? It would add a lot of credibility to your claims if you could post a pic of you penis with a piece of paper with your username written on it. Tom kat, I will do that for you. Restoration, that was just the other day.

As for the substance, it is "Collagen activating filler" which I believe is a mix of silicon and something else. It is already used in lips and faces according to Dr Loria and is already FDA approved for those uses, just considered experimental in the penis. It is used for adding permanent lip collagen etc. It is not PMMA. The filler was replaced by my bodies own collagen and if anything it seems to still be filling in.

I was able to wrap it again securely and the material doesn't seem to have done anything adverse. Is the carrier bovine or cellulose? Does he have a disclosed patent? The very least he needs to provide patients with MSDS reports of the materials he's using, the patent may protect the data on specifics to material concentrations is there any IP Lawyers in the forum?

You have incredible gains, could you provide a picture update whenever you have a chance. I appreciate your participation, by all the procedures you've had, your definitely a penile enhancement vet. Do you know if Loria has published any work, with specifics to his enhancement formula were humans or animals involved?

I think this is highly suspicious, within a few days of an another shill, another " new" member who has had Dr Loria surgery, is posting amazing reports about him.

I think people from now on as say above, should post before and after pictures, using their user names on a piece of paper and date, otherwise a mod should remove the pictures. This is getting beyond pathetic and is hampering genuine information with spam. The glans and the main vein on the shaft of the last two pix look a lot different than the first pix before and after the session This is just an observation The shaft in the final picture does not look like it had any filler in it The glans looks elongated a lot vs the pre-op shot And what up with the triple ring?

Good luck on your next treatment. Put a chip in the M3 for a few more Ponies! Live long and have as much sex as ya all can! I don't care if he's real or not. I despise the thought of this Dr getting any exposure on this forum. I don't think our members understand the trouble he's caused for the moderation team. In my personal opinion I'd like a ban on anything to do with Loria. He's a proven liar who uses dishonest marketing techniques to encourage naive men to have unproven filler injected.

All he has to do is get a couple of nice looking results out there and it will drum up new business for him. This forum costs money and takes time and effort to run. To see an absolute scoundrel like Dr Loria benefiting even in the slightest pisses me off no end.

With all the work that H10, the mods and SO put into this site, I see your frustrations. BUT, statistics win in this case. I still believe most people have common sense Just wondering, I see you joined the board back in July around the same time as a few other Dr. Why did you wait until after you had the procedure to start posting? The usual way not always but usually is that members start to become interested in a procedure and start posting, asking questions and gathering information Then after the procedure, they will post results, pictures, etc And you say "he has office showings and that he'll answer any questions you have You seem very eager for guys to check this doctor out Loria know you are posting or are you just doing this to spread the word?

Perhaps this is my cynicism speaking after having spent countless hours dealing with this doctor and his shenanigans As Hoddle has stated, we as moderators have had a horrible time trying to reign this doctor with his shilling practices and other shameful deeds, designed to provide our membership with misinformation and lies.

So our skepticism and cynicism is understandable I really can't understand why a man would trust his penis to a doctor with his dubious history. How could you believe anything he says? How are you doing buddy?

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