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Therefore, users are supposed to get experience from their own practice for every product they use. Up until then, the product can be gently massaged to smooth out any bumps and ensure even coverage. Hyaluronic acid injections are safe. The best product for you will be determined after a detailed explanation of risks and benefits during your confidential doctor consultation. Most men who request for penis enlargement have a normal--sized and fully functional penis but visualize their penises as small.


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Although various fillers have been widely used for soft tissue augmentation, there is no reliable material for this particular situation. Here we report a case of an acute hypersensitivity reaction in a man after his first self-injection of a filler material, which, he claimed, was hyaluronic acid gel for penile girth enhancement and glans penis augmentation. The importance of minimal invasive cosmetological procedures is highlighted in almost all Aesthetic Surgery meetings with an impressive statistical graphing showing the steady increase in the frequency of these procedures each year and growing up of the financial profits in this market.

Not only medical professionals but also the ordinary people are now well aware of these procedures. All these commercial manoeuveres, on the other hand, ended up with the underestimation of these procedures by the ordinary people. In addition to specialists such as plastic surgeons and dermatologists, after few week courses, some general practitioners and in some countries even the people without any medical background begun to perform these minimal invasive cosmetological procedures under the name of medical cosmetologists or cosmeticians.

There are plenty of brand names for the botulinum toxins and the filling materials. The supplier companies, on the other hand, inform the physicians as user that the dosage units or the concentrations of different products do not relate to each other. In other words, these products supplied from different manufacturers cannot be used interchangeably with each other even if they contain the same active ingredient.

Therefore, users are supposed to get experience from their own practice for every product they use. Furthermore, the manufacturer companies of these products are supervised by different regulatory institutions of the countries where the product is manufactured. Therefore, it is hard to say that the regulatory rules about their production are standard all around the world.

As a result, the quality of the filling materials is not standard. The soft tissue fillers are supposed to be nontoxic and nonimmunogenic. Because of their composition and biochemical characteristics, however, they may act as a foreign body in the tissue, eliciting host response or may be associated with severe allergic reactions. We report a case of an acute hypersensitivity reaction in a man after his first self-injection of hyaluronic acid gel for penile girth enhancement and glans penis augmentation.

A years-old man was admitted to our hospital with an adverse reaction in his penis after self--injection of hyaluronic acid gel in the last 24 h. He had decided to inject this material into his penile skin and glans penis after his own search in the medical literature on internet.

Although it was questioned, the patient did not inform us either about the brand name of the product or where he found it. The patient developed indurated and erythematous nodules on the entire penile shaft, glans penis and scrotum [ Figure 1a ]. In his penile and scrotal ultrasonographic examination, soft tissue inflammation and suspicion of venous occlusion were reported.

He was hospitalized and followed- -up conservatively with intravenous prophylactic antibiotics, non--steroidal anti--inflammatory drugs for the management of pain and oedema and anti-aggregant drugs for treatment of possible venous occlusion. We offered but he refused psychiatric evaluation. After 3 days of the hospital stay, he was discharged and followed up in our out-patient clinic. All the skin reactions were settled down and he had no erectile dysfunction after 2 weeks [ Figure 1b ].

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery statistics on cosmetic surgery emphasized the steady increase in the frequency of minimal invasive cosmetological procedures as a result of increasing public awareness. Even if advertising about drugs and medical procedures are prohibited by law in some countries, through the internet banners on popular web pages or via spam mails, the information about the procedures and the commercials of these products are still distributed freely.

Disturbing stories arising from all around the world tell us that there is an unsafe climate for patients looking to enhance their appearance with non-invasive procedures with lower prices in the current economy. A Google search with the brand name of the well-known hyaluronic acid filler ends up with more than 4 million web pages. Some of these web pages distribute the uncontrolled wrong information about the dermal fillers and soft tissue augmentation procedure.

Some others are designed to market these products on internet. Easy accessibility of these products, increased popularity of such procedures and the underestimation of the possible risks of the procedures resulted in a rise in illegal injections with dangerous, non-branded, non-approved or unsafe substances used by unlicensed or unqualified people or even by patients themselves.

Penile size is a big problem in many men's mind. A man is often troubled by concerns that his penis is not large enough to satisfy his partner or himself. He is ashamed to have others view his penis, especially in the flaccid state. Such concerns might be unfounded in reality and might be a presentation of social anxiety or some other clinical problem, such as erectile dysfunction.

The effects of media and internet usage make this problem more serious. Most men who request for penis enlargement have a normal--sized and fully functional penis but visualize their penises as small. Most patients who seek appearance--enhancing medical treatments report some degree of body image dissatisfaction, which is believed to motivate the pursuit of these treatments. However, patients with extreme body image dissatisfaction may be suffering from a psychiatric disorder known as body dysmorphic disorder BDD , which is a serious disorder of body perception.

Injections for volume enhancement must always be done very precisely between the Dartos and Buck's fascia over the neurovascular bundle. For that reason, the chance of trauma to lower layers in the penis is almost zero.

The most common side-effects of hyaluronic acid injections are pain and redness at the injection site. It produces no severe adverse reactions if administered by an extremely well-qualified and experienced surgeon , such as Dr Kim.

Hyaluronic acid interacts negatively with Vitamin E, anti-inflammatory drugs, St John's Wort and aspirin, possibly causing bleeding and bruising.

Do not take those before, during and after penis enlargement using HA. The bond between HA particles is destroyed by the enzyme hyaluronidase. Another possible immediate side-effect could be an allergic reaction, which can be handled my anti-histamines and local low-dosage steroid injections.

Possible delayed side effects would be eccentric or asymmetrical placement of HA fillers. It can be prevented by manual massages during the pre-fixation period of two 2 weeks after treatment and managed in the long-term by tumescence injection and redistribution of eccentrically located HA fillers. How much downtime should be expected after hyaluronic acid injections for penis enlargement? Patients can resume exercising two days after HA injections.

Refrain from masturbating for two weeks and abstain from sex for four weeks. Otherwise, HA treatment requires no significant change in lifestyle. Hyaluronic acid injections increase penis size by adding volume to the penile tissues. It is naturally integrated into the tissue and will undergo isovolumic degradation in the long term. It takes about 40 ml of HA or other filler for a noticeable increase in the volume of a inch penis.

Every part changes over time. It varies tremendously by brand and manufacturer. And a manufacturer can market as many as seven varieties of their own hyaluronic acid, each for a very specific medical purpose. You never go back to the starting point. After injection of HA filler, the human body makes micro-capsules microfibrosis around HA filler particles. That is the reason HA filler material maintains its volume within a couple of years and does NOT completely degrade after some initial volume decrease.

Cross-linked HA lasts longer and gives greater patient satisfaction. It is administered using a 23G cannula. But Dr Kim is flexible and pragmatic. It will not impact on price. But the reduced suitability for penis enlargement will negatively affect the longevity of the result — the retention of injected volume the amount of permanent size increase.

These special varieties are highly purified forms of HA produced by microbial fermentation to minimize immune and inflammatory responses. Only large-particle size HA is appropriate for penis enlargement.

The result of penis enlargement using Hyaluronic Acid filler is slightly softer than the tissue created using a MegaFill scaffold. Is there a maximum amount of HA that can be injected in one session? It depends on penis size. Hypothetically speaking and for example: If penis length is 16 cm and girth is 12 cm, the patient can receive about ml maximum.

Maximum thickness of HA injected into the penis is 5 ml. So it depends on the available area over which the HA can be injected, excluding the glans cm 2 and urethral area 3 cm 2. We can only roughly estimate because glans size varies from person to person. There can be no second injection session for at least two weeks. The doctor recommends patients getting HA injections remain in Korea a week or so for regular medical examinations which are free. Dr Kim is obsessed with patient safety, providing good aftercare, and giving patients recommendations that are in their best interests.

But patient compliance with the doctor's professional medical advice and recommendations is always voluntary. Patients are free to disregard the suggestions of Dr Kim and take personal responsibility for the results of their choices, such as quickly leaving Seoul instead of staying for the recommended period of observation by the doctor.

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