Goldreallas Review: Is It Safe?

Goldreallas has received some degree of backlash from the public in reaction to their products. Leave this field empty. Am herb that is amongst the most used supplements worldwide. Instead, the accounts of user experiences with Goldreallas tended to be more similar to these quotations that our research team found in some product forums and chat rooms:. Who makes this supplement? If you are not concerned about synthetic ingredients, then it is recommended that you consult your doctor about prescription medications that are approved by the FDA.

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However, there is no information available online about ECS, and no official website for Goldreallas. The main issue with Goldreallas is an FDA warning and recall that was issued over the product. The warning relates to the fact that the Goldreallas product contains Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra.

Sildenafil is a synthetic drug that is usually only available with a prescription from a doctor. The product warns that Sildenafil may cause adverse side effects especially for people who take medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease.

Even if you do not take medication or suffer from pre existing conditions, it is recommended that you consult the doctor before consuming any prescription drugs. The FDA warns that anyone who as already purchased the product should throw it away immediately and seek a refund from the company. We rated the best and most effective male sexual and testosterone pills, learn about the top 10 here.

While Goldreallas includes some ingredients that are common in male enhancement supplements, it does include some other, unique ingredients. For some of these ingredients, there is not enough information available to know if they are effective, or cause side effects. It is recommended that you proceed with caution. In addition, the product contains a hidden synthetic ingredient that is usually only available with a prescription. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before consuming any prescription medications.

This plant extract is taken from the Mulberry leaf and is thought to slow the breakdown of sugars in the blood stream, keeping blood sugar levels within a desirable range. There is not enough information to know whether Bombyx Extract has side effects, or how effective it is in enhancing male performance. This plant extract is used to make chemicals that are used in steroids and hormones.

It is thought to trigger chemical reactions in the body that stimulate hormone production. It is considered mostly safe, but it can cause side effects such as vomiting. This root extract has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years,. This bark extract is known to contain Salicin, a chemical that works in a similar way to aspirin. It can cause side effects and may cause allergies, especially in people who have an allergic reaction to aspirin.

Also known as Zyziphus, this herbal extract is known to boost muscular strength. There is not enough information to know if Jujube causes side effects, or if it has a positive effect on male performance.

This pepper extract is known to reduce pain sensations and inflammation. It may cause side effects, including liver damage if taken in large amounts.

This herbal extract is commonly used in many effective male enhancement products. It is known to reduce inflammation, and is used to treat urinary tract and prostate problems. This prescription drug is used to treat high blood pressure, and is the active ingredient in Viagra.

It is recommended that you consult your doctor before taking Sildenafil, as it can have serious side effects on some people. We rated professional and customer opinions for the ranking of this definitive top 10 male enhancement list. Goldreallas includes a few ingredients that are known to enhance male sexual performance, such as Ginseng and Stinging Nettle. This inclusion of these ingredients means that it may have a mild benefit for some men who have low testosterone, or have trouble gaining and maintaining an erection.

The hidden ingredient is Sildenfinal, a synthetic drug that is used in in Viagra, and is usually only available with a prescription.

It may cause adverse effects in people who take medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before consuming any prescription medications, even if you do not suffer from any known condition or do not currently take medication.

The FDA also recommends that anyone who has purchased Goldreallas throw it away immediately and seek a refund from the company. Goldreallas is not for sale on Amazon. The reviews are mixed, with some people saying it worked, while other claimed that it gave them side effects or did not work at all. Almost everyone who reviewed the product online did not know that it contained synthetic ingredients or was the subject of an FDA recall.

Most of their additives are untested herbs that have not shown any evidence that they are effective for treating ED, improving orgasm quality, increasing seminal production, or any of the other traditional measurements used to determine if a male enhancement supplement is effective.

The only ingredient that our team actually does recommend is ginseng. It has thousands of years of history that have shown just how potent it can be. It is highly recommended as a component of male enhancement supplements. White willow, bombyx mori, and wild yam extracts are not, however, recommended for products of this type. Not only is the data about their effectiveness limited or even negative, but there are several potentially serious side effects that users could be at risk for by consuming them.

White willow in particular has been known to be particularly dangerous and even has led to the deaths of some consumers. It is especially discouraged as an ingredient. Follow this link to see the male enhancement supplements that have the best chance of helping you improve your sexual performance without needing to go see a doctor.

Goldreallas is one of the most expensive male enhancement supplements that our research team has ever encountered. It is not used as a daily supplement, but only as a pre-intercourse sexual aid. As such, it is not sold in quantity but rather in individual packages. One Goldrealla retailer sells them for the following price:. This begins to become very expensive for anyone that is planning on having regular sex.

With shipping and handling, Goldreallas costs more than three dollars per use, far more than the rate for most over the counter supplements. To see how to improve the size, durability, and effectiveness of your erection, follow this link.

Goldreallas is manufactured by a company that only lists themselves as ECS. They do not offer any other details about their organization, and this is the only contact info that is provided:. Even though this is the website data that appears on the packaging, it does not seem to link to Goldreallas home page but to the website for another brand of herbal products that seems unrelated.

Consumers should also be aware that in Goldreallas was found to be using unmarked and possibly dangerous ingredients in their products, which led to their removal from shelves at the time. In theory they no longer contain the unlisted ingredients. For data concerning the erectile aids, testosterone boosters, and male enhancement products that have the best chance of improving your performance, click here.

People that have used Goldreallas have posted some very negative reports concerning their experiences with the drug. Many of their reviews were similar to these:.

We started making out as soon as she got there and things were getting hot and heavy… when I passed out. Issues that were raised included general ineffectiveness, side effects similar to the ones described above, and frustration with the price and shipping practices of Goldreallas.

Click on this link to find the most comprehensive analysis of the top male enhancement products found anywhere online. There are a number of problems with Goldreallas. Their ingredient blend is ineffective, they have a history of using dangerous, unlisted products in their mix, and the customer response has not been positive. While ginseng can be a very effective male enhancement product, it is the only one in their blend that is.

The other three ingredients mentioned are not only not useful, but they may even be hazardous. Not only that, but the one-time use nature of Goldreallas makes it both less practical and more expensive for users. Our team cannot encourage our readers to try Goldreallas at this time. The most effective male enhancement products, such as the well-respected Viritenz , tend to be daily supplements instead of one-time use capsules. This allows the spontaneity of the moment to dictate when intercourse begins, as opposed to having to plan ahead or force the moment.

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