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Taking daily DHEA supplements may help to enhance your sex drive and increase your libido, but there is minimal evidence proving that it's highly effective. This ingredient can be helpful for men experiencing erectile dysfunction, due to emotional and psychological factors. Its ingredient list also includes epimedium, Asian red ginseng, ginkgo biloba, hawthorn berry, catuaba bark extract, and saw palmetto berry. Did you know that a choline deficiency can cause libido problems? Clearly, there are many benefits to be had when one adds Force Factor Score!

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Underlying Causes of Erectile Problems

Understanding the differences between the various supplements, herbs and herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals is the key to being smart and safe with your supplementation! Vitamin C keeps our immune systems functioning, Vitamin A protects our eyes, iron produces red blood cells, and calcium is needed for our bones. In regards to sexual performance, there are a few vitamins and minerals you want to get a lot more of:. Obviously, the best way to get more of these vitamins and minerals is via the food you eat.

According to the NIH , it's possible to get enough in your daily diet simply by adding more fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes to your meals. However, multivitamins are another option to supplement your health diet. They can give you more of specific vitamins and minerals to boost your reproductive health.

The problem with these vitamin supplements is that they are usually made with synthetic vitamins and minerals. Chemically-produced nutrients mimic the way natural nutrients act in our bodies, but they tend to be less bio-efficient harder for your body to use. In many cases , your body won't be able to use them at all because they lack the co-factors and transporters needed for their uptake. For example, Vitamin E is fat-soluble, so taking a Vitamin E supplement without fat renders the antioxidant useless.

Your body may even need to access existing minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients to absorb the supplements, leading to a deficiency of some minerals and an abundance of others. Global Healing Center has a great list of synthetic vitamins to avoid. In a perfect world, you should get more sex-boosting vitamins and minerals from your food. Eating more vitamin and mineral-rich foods is the best way to enhance sexual performance.

However, if you're going to take supplements, try to find vitamins derived from natural sources. The terms "herbals" and "botanicals" refer to any supplement made from a plant, herb, or flower. Herbal therapies have been used for millennia, thanks to the fact that plants have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties as built-in defense mechanisms.

Herbal and botanical medicines, treatments, and supplements are becoming highly popular in this modern day and age when people are looking for alternatives to medications. The problem is that many manufacturers are using this popularity as a means to sell low-quality and even potentially dangerous herbal and botanical supplements.

The debate over herbal extracts versus whole herbs will rage on unchecked for years to come. Proponents of herbal extracts will cite the standardization and consistency in quality, while critics will insist that whole herbs are the only way to ensure maximum efficiency and bioavailability.

Vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts aren't the only way to enhance your sex life! Try these natural sex boosters to improve your performance, stamina, erections, and overall sexual function without the need for supplements:. Her BA in Media Arts and Technology, with a specialization in Games, Web and Interactive Media has taught her that you can try anything once and that, sometimes, you really can live off delivery.

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Check out our list of the best male enhancement supplements for you… Show more. Why People Love it. Auragin Authentic Korean Red Ginseng. Sheer Strength Sheer N. Some users report no effects after taking the supplement.

What causes these erectile problems? High cholesterol, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, and other cardiovascular diseases and disorders Diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome, all of which reduce and impair blood flow to the genitals Prescription medications, tobacco use, and excessive alcohol consumption Sleep disorders, depression, stress, and mental health problems Prostate cancer and other prostate treatments The vast majority of supplements used to improve sexual performance are aimed at these primarily the first two underlying causes of erectile difficulties.

Supplements that Improve Sexual Performance Here are some of the supplements scientifically proven to improve sexual performance, combat erectile difficulties, and enhance your sex life: Herbs When it comes to buying "sex-boosting supplements", it can be tough to know what's worth the money. In regards to sexual performance, there are a few vitamins and minerals you want to get a lot more of: Vitamin C, which can enhance sperm count and motility, and can reduce the risk of damaged genetic material.

Vitamin E, which can prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol, leading to healthier blood flow to the genitals. Vitamin D, which can boost libido and is necessary for the production of testosterone.

Folic acid, a B vitamin that plays a role in healthy sperm production. Selenium, a trace mineral that improves sperm health, decreases oxidative stress in the cardiovascular system, and boosts fertility. Omega-3 fatty acids, which can prevent cardiovascular conditions and enhance blood flow. Calcium, which is vital for sperm motility.

Iron, manganese, magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, and copper, all of which play a role in a healthy reproductive system. See THIS Food Label article on how to find natural vitamins… Herbals and Botanicals The terms "herbals" and "botanicals" refer to any supplement made from a plant, herb, or flower.

Herbals and botanicals are usually categorized in one of two ways: Herbal extracts are made using ingredients extracted from an herb. Many of the other components of the plants will go to waste, leaving only the specific extract. Whole herbal products are made using the whole herb rather than a specific extract. The chemical makeup of the herbs can change according to their origin, soil quality, and many other factors.

This can lead to a less-than-standardized percentage of herbal ingredients, but potentially a more balanced product. Natural Sex Boosters Vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts aren't the only way to enhance your sex life! Try these natural sex boosters to improve your performance, stamina, erections, and overall sexual function without the need for supplements: Exercise speeds up your metabolism, combats obesity and metabolic disease, and keeps testosterone levels stable.

Exercise will also improve your stamina and help you last longer in bed. Xenoestrogens can mimic the effects of estrogen in your body, decreasing testosterone levels and reducing your libido. Try Alive's list of things to avoid in order to reduce exposure to these xenoestrogens. Weight loss isn't the only thing to consider; you also have to factor in a balanced intake of the fiber, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that will improve your cardiovascular, metabolic, endocrine, and reproductive health.

Get more raw ingredients in your diet, and cut back on refined, processed, and artificial foods. Cut back on drinking and smoking. Alcohol and nicotine both will have a negative effect on your sex drive—nicotine more so than alcohol. Impotence is twice as common among heavy smokers, due to the vasoconstriction caused by smoking. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can reduce testosterone levels and increase your risk of impotence.

Fight stress and anxiety. Your mind plays a role in your sexual health just like your body does. Excessive stress and anxiety can decrease sexual function and increase your risk of performance issues.

This website is a resource that was developed to help men learn about the causes and treatment of sexual health problems, such as erectile dysfunction and small penis size.

You can read and compare product reviews of the top male enhancer pills to find the best male enhancement supplement for you. The causes of erectile dysfunction and other sexual health problems can vary widely, ranging from physical and medical to psychological and emotional causes.

Identifying the cause of the problem can help you find the best treatment solution in your situation. In some cases, the cause of ED is physical. Several health conditions can contribute to erectile dysfunction and cause lack of libido, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and prostate cancer. Other physical causes may include injury to the penis, bladder, pelvis area, or prostate. Erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual desire can be a side effect of certain medications.

If you find that you lose interest in sexual activity or experience ED shortly after beginning to take a prescription medication, be sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist to find out if the problem is a medication side effect.

Emotional and psychological issues, such as excessive stress, anxiety and depression can lead to erectile dysfunction. A prior performance problem can result in a reduction in self-esteem and confidence, causing you to become nervous about performance.

This can actually interfere with future performance, becoming a cycle. Lifestyle causes, such as smoking, poor diet, obesity, excessive alcohol use, and the use of illicit drugs can all contribute to problems in the bedroom. The first step should be to take an honest look at your lifestyle and assess the unhealthy aspects.

This allows you to make changes that will improve your sexual performance, as well as your overall health. Age is a contributing factor to sexual health and performance issues. Erectile dysfunction is more common in older men. Testosterone levels decline naturally with age, beginning after the age of Prescription medications that include Viagra, Cialis, Stendra, and Levitra are prescribed for erectile dysfunction.

However, these drugs all have side effects and may not be used by men with some health conditions or taking certain medications. Other prescription options include testosterone replacement therapy and injectable medications that are injected directly into the penis. Surgical options are available for treating ED. These include penile implants and blood vessel surgery. Surgery is an extreme measure and these surgical treatments carry risks. In addition, surgery is expensive and the procedures are usually not covered by insurance.

For these reasons, many men seek other options before resorting to surgical solutions. Treating underlying causes of ED is an important step. This could be treatment for an underlying medical condition, such as heart disease or diabetes or treatment for psychological and emotional causes, such as anxiety and depression with therapy or medication or both.

When the problem is related to lifestyle, you can make lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking or drinking, getting more exercise and making healthy changes to your diet. Over the counter supplements are successfully used by many men to improve penis size and enhance performance. Are any of these attributes helpful in the bedroom? If you really want to spice things up with your partner, choose Vcor Male Enhancement Pills for great results.

Often this is the result of poor performance caused by physical degeneration. With VCore Male Enhancement you can maximize your results and regain that sexual confidence. Poor performance can be remedied easily with a supplement like this that boosts testosterone, energy, and stamina. The confidence will follow.

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