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The minimally evasive male enhancement procedure can give the results your looking for without the worry of long-term health problems that can be brought on by unregulated pills. Go Big Clinic - All rights reserved. Does the Priapus shot hurt? This safe and effective procedure has been shown to be perfect for those who are having erectile dysfunction due to health concerns such as an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, surgical side effects, drug side effects, and other health ailments such as diabetes. Bittar Aesthetic Surgery of LaGrange 4. Traditional penile-enhancement surgery involves one or both of two basic procedures. Removal of excess fat or loose skin over the pecks can give a more defined, masculine look without a lifetime of hitting the gym.

Male Enhancement

How does the P-Shot work?

Oakbrook , Illinois Vincent Makhlouf - Chicago This practice is not yet rated E. Vein Clinics of America - Chicago 4. Email Call us Today! Vein Clinics of America - Gurnee 4. Vein Clinics of America - Naperville 4. Vein Clinics of America - Oak Brook 4. Vein Clinics of America - Orland Park 4. Vein Clinics of America - Schaumburg 4. Vein Clinics of America - Merrillville 4. Bull - DuPage Plastic Surgery 4.

Bittar Aesthetic Surgery of LaGrange 4. Geldner - Hinsdale 4. Speron This practice is not yet rated N. Vein Clinics of America - Geneva 4. Sono Bello - Schaumburg 4.

TrimFast Laser Center 2. Dermalight Laser Clinic - Schaumburg 4. Fenner Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa 4. Dermalight Laser Clinic - Lincoln Park 3. Dolezal This practice is not yet rated W. Bosley Hair Restoration - Chicago 4. At 63 Skin Clinic, no fat grafts or synthetic materials are used for penis widening.

Our patent-pending minor surgical internal reconstruction procedure is simple and focuses on the natural progress of self enlargement. The more erections the penis gets, the larger the penis will grow. This enlargement process is so natural. There are no lumps or bumps. There is no distortion.

There is normal appearance with normal sensation. The surgical scars are undetectable. In some cases, you are back to work within days; feeling better than you ever have. Whether you want a cosmetic procedure to enhance your face: You may choose a minimally invasive procedure to create the youthful look you are looking for.

We offer a wide range of body contouring procedures for every shape and size body. As you age, belly fat and love handles have a tendency to not go away no matter hard you try. Liposuction can help fine tune those stubborn areas by breaking up and removing excess fat and give you a more proportionate, defined look.

Make an appointment today! Is your hair thinning out? New advancements make hair transplants look more natural than ever.

What is The Priapus Shot®?