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My Penis Surgery Experience - UPDATE w/ PIX

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My Penis Surgery Experience I have somewhat contemplated the idea from time to time. Im by no means small. I Can make my wife cum usually twice within 5 mins, and I know she says that Im perfect. I personally wouldnt mind if I was an inch longer and an inch and a half thicker. But thats just me and my male ego. If you dont mind How much has this entire ordeal cost you? I will tell you that the size inxcrease can literally change your life, at least on a self confidence level. I was above average pre-op, especially girth, but now girth wise I am in the top.

Plus the comments I have received have been amazing. The look on women's face is priceless. My Penis Surgery Experience but on another note Ive always wondered what Id do if my dick were average or below. I use those and they fit really well. My Penis Surgery Experience good god. I could not go through with this even if it was free. I read penis exercises actually work, well I mean I saw forums dedicated to that subject so I think there's a good reason for them.

My Penis Surgery Experience. Quote posted by deco. My Penis Surgery Experience I cant remember what its called but did the cut "the tendon" that conects to your pelvis I think that allows your penis to sorta release forward? Is your erection more downward than upward now? Congrats man on being happy with your results! My Penis Surgery Experience It's called the suspensatory ligament and no the angle of my erection did not change.

I can still hang a towel on it. There are so many myths about the surgery and so on. That's one of the reasons I decided to share my story.

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Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Clinic for penis enlargement. Enhancing penis length in India. Is there any type of surgery for erect penile lengthening, except suspensory ligament cutting? Inquiry for triple phalloplasty in Texas. What is the cheapest price for penis enlargement? PMMA or simmilar fillers in Europe. Can any length be gained on erect penis if enlarged?

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