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I get migraine like symptoms on the day I take pill, and I get spontaneous, rock-hard erections for days after at inopportune times think back to when you where going through puberty. Im planning to buy this stuff so I can impress this chick on Monday. X Advertising Disclosure The content that appears on this page is presented as an overview vs. It contains Yohimbe which is known to cause side effects, and it's been recalled by the FDA for containing undisclosed prescription ingredients. Learn more about him in his Bio here.

What is PremierZEN Platinum?

Time + Size + Stamina

However, this claims might be farfetched but rest assured that there are good reviews about the effectiveness of this product in getting back the sex pleasure that men once had when they were in their younger years.

Although there are no clinical studies that could back up the potency and effectiveness of this male enhancement supplement but some users still say that it works perfectly for them. Powerzen is for those who have lost their sexual desire or those whose performance in bed is already declining. It is an all-natural product so this is good for those who are already afraid to go for the pharmaceutical options that come with side effects.

Powerzen should be taken with water 30 minutes before sexual activity. Do not take Powerzen more than one capsule in a hour period. There is no enough information about how long do the formula work.

Effects may vary from person to person depending on his needs and his body response to the supplement. While it comes with natural ingredients, you still need to make sure that you are okay with taking it. People with allergies to its ingredients, those who are taking medication and those who have serious illnesses may need to avoid from taking it to avoid complications. Although, there are no clinical studies conducted to prove the effectiveness of this male enhancement supplement there are already men who have tried it and found some good effects.

Male enhancement supplements should be based on four key factors: If you have a serious medical condition, or have a history of heart conditions we suggest consulting with a physician before using any supplement. The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purpose only.

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Yes No 5 out of 7 people found this question helpful. Yes No 3 out of 5 people found this question helpful. Yes No 1 out of 1 people found this question helpful. Hey Romeo, Give Extenze Plus a try. I tried gold mg never work for me. I take a tiny little bit before having sex or, the day before. I went through the side effects like all of you so I started lowering the dose until I got to a very small portion. I have not been diagnosed but I believe I have ED. I hope somebody can relate because I was desperate when I first tried power zen.

I do get a little bit of palpitations hard heart beats when I take it but in very low dosage its worth it. Also running and physical performance its compromised but it goes away when the pill goes away with the hard rock effect in about 2 days.

I hope this helps. Powerzen work well for me but I have tried mamba is a hero or black mamba it works very good for me give that a try.

You have to drink at least a quart of water with the pill. If you are taking a higher dose. Never start with a high dose. Yes it does work and usually last about three days. If you experience headaches take half of pill with an aspirin. Hey Leonardo, Powerzen Gold has been found to contain basically the same ingredient as Viagra, which can cause serious side effects for some users.

Discontinue use and go see your doctor. I am 48 YO i have blood pressure and sugar habit shall I us Powerzen and how. It was found to contain an undisclosed prescription ingredient, the same ingredient as Viagra.

With your medical conditions, you should not use it. Bought the zen platinum from a adult store near by. I have taken the triple miracle zen platnium and gold for about 6 months and they work really well. What i have to point out is the picture of the product depicted on this site is one of the fake versions of miracle zen first off the picture on this site shows it as being only mg and the real version is mg and the pill isnt packaged inside of its own plastic inner capsule with two lines being on the lid as it would be in a legitimate package.

Also i saw the recall where it claimed that the product contained the ingredients for cialis and viagra and for one additional ingredient approved by the fda for clinical trials in ed treatment and those packages also were fake versions. If you look at the buymiraclezen.

I buy mine from a liquor store that sells the product packaged as it is depicted on that site and ive never had a headache or any other problems with the product. The only thing i have to state is that i feel a bit dehydrated by it and i have a little bit of the acid reflux feeling but if i take a prilosec otc and drink a quart of gatorade at least an hour prior to taking the pill then i have an excellent night and awesome morning.

While i feel for anyone on this site that has purchased a fake version of this pill and suffered from the consequences of unfavorable side effects or worse no effects at all, i ask all of you to do your homework prior to spending money on any supplements and to make sure that you acquire a legitimate version of the product that you are reviewing prior to reviewing it.

Obviously with the popularity of ed treatments in the world their is no shortage of people trying to dupe you into buying their counterfeit products.

If you cant find it packaged as depicted on the website i listed above you could try to buy it from them but i cant speak for them personally because like i said in my review i buy mine from a liquor store i can only verify that the packages i buy from the liquor store are consistent with the packages on the website listed as genuine.

Best of luck to all of you in your journey to treat your ed symptoms. Im 24yo and decided to buy this pill at the gas station before heading to a girl i met at works house.

I noticed that i was able to get hard wayyyy quicker than usual. But i do not recommend this pill at all!!!! Not sure if its because it was the first time using this but it made my penis numb.

After about a hour of having sex, i finally gave up with no ejaculation. Thats not even the worst part. Im on day 3 and im still having headaches and red eyes! This is the last time i try miracle zen gold! Any recommendations for a 24yo?

Something less potent but still effective? On option is Extenze. I have been taking Powerzen in the red package that I purchase from my local store. She has also come over to do my laundry for free and give me freebies.

My sex drive is very good without it however, when I do take it, I do get harder and I last longer. Sometimes I last close to two hours before Cummings. The only time I have ever experienced a side affect is when I took a powerzen pill and an extense pill together. When I did that, I felt like I had a fever for about an hour. Then it went away and I was fine to have sex. Hey John, Yeah, it happens all the time. These supplements secretly contain prescription medications.

My recommendation is VigRx Plus , which really is all natural, and it works. This stuff right here worked wonders with me…. I only not take half…. I only take 2 drops in a soda…. It feels really normal.

And the girls love it…. Will I have side effects if using this product at a young age? Hey Mike, Back in the beginning of this year, MiracleZen was recalled by the FDA along with a bunch of other supplements because it contains undisclosed ingredients, ingredients that require a prescription.

It basically contains the same active ingredient as Viagra or Cialis. You never know what else could be in there. This pill did nothing for ke at all. I would nevere recommend it to anyone! Amazing results but omg the headache and back and neck pain is really baddddd I dnt wish it to my worst enemy. I will never use this again if you havent use it.

My only problem with this pill is the nausea feeling and the pain in my knees. I took PowerZen and the erections were immense! But those damn migraines… Way too strong, last way too long. Twice i experienced nausea — bad enough to induce vomiting. Also, my heartbeat was intensified, beating faster and harder than ever. Additionally, one of those times, my whole body ached from my legs to my back, neck, everywhere, and on top of that, I had that headache… I saw a chiropractor, convinced I needed treatments.

No headache, all the benefits. Last tinge I used it I tried reducing the dosage again, but only emptied one-third. The headache came back, along with nausea. Be careful with this pill. If used properly it works wonders. But that headache is not worth the crazy sex. Blue Vision wears off in under an hour according to my experiences. I used the mg Platinum Triple Miracle Zen and got amazing results throughout the weekend.

Taken on Friday evening, rock hard in less than a half hour with full size. I was able to last a lot longer than in the past. The Bad; terrible sinus headache, I thought I was getting sick from the air conditioning, bad leg and back pain still 6 days later. It feels like my back,buttocks, thighs, calves and feet are swollen-very uncomfortable. I wished I had read these reviews before I took one.

Basically what everyone else said. Not worth it imo. My head is killing me. I am a 41 year old white male in good health. I experience what my doc refers to as stress induced ed. I do have a crazy stressful job and sometimes can not relax enough to have sex. I had a script for Cialis but am now fighting with my insurance company and it is crazy expensive without a prescription.

I have used this product several times. I believe the Yohimbe is what makes it stay in your system for so long and why they say to only take one every few days. I wish I could pinpoint the cause of the headache and congestion but I have found a fix.

I take one of these pills as close to about 2 hours before I am sure I am going to have sex. Then about 1 hour before I take 2 ibuprofen and 1 sudafed. Stopping the headache and congestion before they ever start. And like others here my girlfriend has commented that I feel bigger when taking these and it does last for a few days. Im planning to buy this stuff so I can impress this chick on Monday. Question for those who tried this, will this control your ejaculation time?

Come back to the site and let us know your results! Ok, I am in 20s experiencing ED.

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