Titan 12% DHT GEL

This product is really amazing. Am Ende wollte ich es aber selbst herausfinden und entschied mich, dass ich das Titan Gel kaufen wollte. Ich kann euch sagen, es war der Knaller! I used it for 4 days… I did not expect my penis would react well. Strongest GH ive ever used in my life, honestly I cant tell enough people, And your Titan gel it keeps me so dry I use it just for that!!

How Titan Gel Works


Also known as androstanolone and stanolone , and is used clinically under brand names including Anabolex , Anaprotin , Andractim , Androlone , Gelovit , Neoprol , Pesomax , and Stanaprol Dht gels but our version is better and unique.

Titan is a product that contains a designated amount of DHT per serving in a liquid carrier, slightly more viscose than a liquid and less so than a gel.

DHT is also what testosterone converts into which when it goes through this conversion differs in its affects from DHT applied in a transdermal form.

Titan is very quickly assimilated, penetrates the epidermis, and attaches itself to androgen receptors where applied, its also down regulates oestrogen receptors in the area applied. TITAN shuttles DHT through the epidermis and it then attaches to androgen receptors causing a cascade of affects, the first being the signal to ignite the satellite cells and the gene signalling system to effectively prepare for growth.

After a period of time which is very variable , the combination of stretching and exercise while using TITAN will unlock the potential size hidden away in your DNA. This is not some pill that offers a miracle, DHT gel has been used to treat micro penis, and if you look online many p. How does it work? How much should I use? This causing a shrinking of the affected area. Yes, if this is your desire, 4 x application daily to the chest and clitoral area will provide masculinisation in combination with other treatments.

Can you use more than the recommended amount for greater affect? Yes you can, but only to a certain degree before no more DHT can be assimilated in a certain time frame by the androgen receptors in the areas applied. It came in a clear bottle unmarked? Scientific studies show topical dht is a successful way to increase penis length and girth with no long term side effects. New bottles are 20ml and concentrated, this is to avoid customs, 2drops is the same as 5 in the 30ml bottles.

And real DHT so that was good, also ive gained 1. I will be running this for at least a year. Thank you Russianstar for bringing out an amazing product, customer for life here. Best thing is flaccid length is up nearly 0. And balls look swollen, erections seem harder but that might be my imagination. I will let you all know how it goes! I wont say my name as I am a little embarrassed , but I want to share my experiences.

I was waiting by the mailbox like a hawk. I did not notice a strong smell. It must be from your new batch. That makes it a little difficult to measure. Dries out the area in which it is applied. However, dryness can be fixed. My first comment is still waiting approval after a few days. My cousin ordered this too and she is using it because she having a sex to change into men. She say it save her so much euro because other gel is weak and expensive.

Thank you great Titan product,!! This is great, good customer service and very helpful. I send this all the way from brazil! Thank you for making such a high percentage at a decent price. Bango is correct about the other product; low percentage and very high cost. Gives a nice tingle when applied too, lol. Must be the vasodialation. Hi my name is steve and this has changed my life, no lie..

Huge thanks from Canada. Best product I have ever spent money on, I use this for my gyno bra!! Ok so I got banned for trying to log this on p.

So glad you are back on professional muscle as a sponsor, shows how good you are. Bought 3 titan 10 kits of gh and made some orders for hades, you products are the most exciting ive found anywhere. Strongest GH ive ever used in my life, honestly I cant tell enough people, And your Titan gel it keeps me so dry I use it just for that!! Amazing product, I love the vascularity this causes too!!

Misses loves this product, shes never been happier. Second time ordering, James USA. Ok this is my 7th month, I never reported back earlier as I thought I might jinx my progress, I added 2.

That was my routine, I think I can get 3 inches in a year, I will be 9 inches then!!!!! Guys try to get bigger for what 10 years, and gain like an inch, lol!!

This needs to be everywhere bro, how the fuk!! So how much exactly in mL measurement or whatever measurement do you apply? Like how many droplets? Hi Tskim, the measurement i use is the one on the item description, 1 fingertip measurement.

I do exactly as Russianstar instructed, do 1 measurement from finger tip to the first crease. When they say fingertip measurement, it was hard to measure in terms of ml because the liquid easily drips out of my finger. I will transport what I have left to a glass bottle with a eye dropper so I can use correct mL dosage.

We will seek to improve the description and the measurement. Very sorry to hear. Legit DHT gel is so hard to get hold of, and your sales are amazing!! I clicked on your link and saw the pic. What is your final size in length and girth at that week 82 pic? My girth is 3. I am still going though!! I have been on the treatment for almost 4 weeks….

Switched over to this from the prescription version, and this works much better. Using this for GYNO and seeing a bug reduction is size and soreness. Just wanted to say thank you for improving my love life and making my wife happy, I finally feel like a man. Great product, it works! I am an international pornstar, but we are always looking for ways to get bigger, thank you for this product, as an expert in this field this product works, I was 9.

So it took you 5 months to get almost 0. This actually works, cant honestly believe it but it does! Thank you, also just have to add what amazing customer service. Recived the Titan DHT today!! Best custom service ever! I will report in an month or so about the gainz. Seems really fuked up as your product works why it cant be shared everywhere. They wanted a list of all the ingredients in the product, obviously I cant share that info. Sorry to hear you are banned on there, but rest assured you helped some people see what Titan dht gel can do.

I only got 2cm growth in length and 1. Seeing all the positive things from this product gave me the confidence to go for it. I will be following the instructions for the gel and in combination with some stretching and edging! Enhancement supplements increase the blood flow to the penis and will allow for a faster recovery process.

The increased blood flow allows a lot more oxygen, and other nutrients, to gain access to the tissue that is in need of repair. As Testosterone is responsible for protein synthesis and repair, the elevated levels will also promote faster tissue repair. On a psychological level, these supplements can grant you a huge boost in motivation. Titan Gel is a testosterone boosting supplement for men, that is specifically designed to help to increase penis size, as well as libido.

They state that your penis size will increase by 4cm within a month. Titan Gel works by increasing the efficiency of the tissue mass in your penis. The corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum are primarily responsible for the size of your penis. How easy a supplement is should always be a deciding factor, as swallowing huge pills several times a day, as an example, would put many people off.

Titan Gel is very simple to use; all you have to do is to massage the gel into your penis once a day. This allows the product to get absorbed completely, which will give you the greatest results. As a whole, male enhancement supplements and testosterone boosters are fairly safe for the average man. They usually lack synthetic ingredients and are normally compiled of naturally occurring vitamins and herbs.

There are no reports of anyone receiving any negative side effects from Titan Gel. However, because male enhancement supplements have been around for a while, there are a few common side effects that occasionally come up. While these are not specific to Titan Gel, knowing about potential side effects is definitely beneficial:.

We can only assume that they purchased a bottle themselves and read the label, as there is nowhere else that contains it. The Ginkgo Biloba tree has been commonly used in Chinese medicine for many years. It allegedly improves cognitive function and is primarily used to improve memory and attention levels. Increased erection quality is often a well-reported benefit from taking Ginkgo.

Oysters have been associated with being an aphrodisiac for centuries. Oysters contain a lot of Zinc and vitamin B6, which are both necessary for testosterone production. Oysters will not only increase your sex drive but will increase erection strength too. There is a strong correlation between Gingerol consumption and having an increased libido, for men and women.

Muira puama has been a traditional aphrodisiac used in Brazil for many years. L-arginine increases the blood flow in arteries and veins due to expanding the blood vessels.

Therefore, it will increase the blood flow to your penis, as well as to help your body keep as much blood there as possible. All of the websites that have information about Titan Gel state that it says it should be able to increase your penis size by 4cm within four weeks.

However, when looking for testimonials, we found a completely different conclusion. The majority of testimonials, although impossible to verify, have said that they found no increase in their penis size whatsoever, even when using it daily. One customer, in fact, wrote a warning saying that he now has erectile dysfunction because of this product. For the small amount of people that have written a review in good favor, they have suggested that you must incorporate penis size increasing exercises into your regime, which is something that we briefly covered on earlier.

Unfortunately, the majority of these testimonials look like a sabotage attempt by a rival company, so we are unsure as to whether the product is legit or not. It is not unusual that many unethical companies producing male enhancement pills pay for fake user testimonials to promote their products. Just keep in mind that you always need to take extremely positive claims with a grain of salt even if these are genuine.

It is better to be safe than sorry. The websites that currently have this supplement for sale look more like affiliate landing pages collecting your data, rather than being an actual distributor. The listings on eBay all have conflicting information, although, by the looks of it, a lot of units have been sold. The listing on Lazada has many positive comments from users, so it is worth a try to order from there. Therefore if you really want to get your hands on this product, then those seem to be the only avenues possible.

However, I do not recommend to purchase from anywhere else than official product website. Titan Gel Producing company: